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Plan your class schedule now!

Search for Classes

Visit WebAdvisor to view course offerings. You don’t need a password or User ID to look for courses. Select "Guest and Prospective Students" followed by "Search for Sections."

WebAdvisor - Click Here

How to search for classes

  1. Click on the following link: WebAdvisor (or click on the Quick Links menu then click on the WebAdvisor link).

    WebAdvisor Home screenshot

  2. Click on Guest and Prospective Students button. Note: You do not need to log in to see the course listings.

    Guest and Prospective Students screenshot

  3. Click on Search for Sections link located in the Search for Sections area.

    Search for Sections screenshot

  4. Click on the Term drop down menu, then select the desired term (Ex. Spring 2014).

    Select Term and Courses screenshot

  5. Choose the class you are looking under Subjects, Course Levels, Course Number, and/or Section
  6. Click the Submit button for a listing of classes.

    Search Results


WebAdvisor accounts are available for all active students and employees.

Note to Students: Your account has been pre-activated, all you need to do is change your password by clicking the Password Help link located below.

WebAdvisor and RCC email accounts share the same username and password information, so if you change your password, it will affect both systems. However, an email account does not need to be activated in order to use WebAdvisor.

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