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Fall 2019 Flex Start Courses

Flexible Starts at RCC

You can earn your degree at Rockland Community College with a schedule that works best for your life. The select courses available include online and evening classes. The full list of seven-week courses is below.

During the Fall 2019 semester, the seven-week courses run from September 3 - October 24 and November 4 - December 22.

To register for the upcoming Fall seven-week classes, please contact your advisor or Student Success at 845-574-4443 or


November 4 - December 22
Course # Course Name Day(s) Time
BIO*103*FT72 Introduction to the Human Body
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
CFS*150*FT2S Introduction to Film Genres Online Online
CHM*105*FT72 Principles of  General & Biological Chemistry
Monday/Wednesday 6 - 9:15 pm
COM*120*FT2S Mass Communication in a Pluralistic Society
Online Online
CRJ*203*FT2S Criminal Investigation Online Online
CSP*101*FT72 Computer Concepts and Application
Monday/Wednesday 6 - 9 pm
ECO*202*FT2S Macroeconomics Online Online
EDU*149*FT72 Infant & Toddler Development
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
EHP*107*FT2S Cardio Fit Online Online
EHP*110*FT2S Walk to Fitness Online Online
EHP*112*FT72 Functional Cross Training
Monday/Wednesday 5 - 6:50 pm
EHP*126*FT2S Introduction to Fitness and Wellness
Online Online
ENG*101*FT72 College Writing I
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
ENG*102*FT2S College Writing II
Online Online
ENG*102*FT72 College Writing II
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
HIS*101*FT72 Western Civilization I
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
HLT*118*FT72 AHA Basic Life Support CPR  for the Healthcare Provider
Wednesday 4 - 5:50 pm
INT*201*FT2S International Business
Online Online
MAT*065*FT72 Mathematics Skills Monday/Wednesday 5 - 9:15 pm
MAT*101*FT72 Elementary Algebra Tuesday/Thursday 5 - 8:45 pm
MAT*103*FT72 Contemporary Mathematics Tuesday/Thursday 5 - 8:45 pm
MCS*101*FT72 Introduction to Multicultural Studies
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
MCS*120*FT2S Multiculturalism Music in America
Online Online
MUS*120*FT2S Multiculturalism Music in America
Online Online
PER*109*FT2S Theater Appreciation Online Online
PER*226*FT72 Theatrical Stage Combat: Knife
Tuesday/Thursday 7 - 9:40 pm
PSY*103*FT72 General Psychology Monday/Wednesday 6 - 9:15 pm
PSY*203*FT72 Developmental Psychology Monday/Wednesday 6 - 9:15 pm
SPE*101*FT72 Fundamentals of Speech
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm