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Sabrina G. Rieder

Sabrina G. Rieder

Sabrina G. Rieder

Program Director, Social Sciences

Instructor, Psychology

Academic II, Room 2239


Sabrina Rieder brings with her a wealth of over a decade of experience in mental health.  She earned both a BA and MA in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College in 1997.

Sabrina came to the college in 2006 as an adjunct in Psychology and in 2016, she became full time Instructor.  Among the courses she has taught include: General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Child Psychology, Psychohistory, Abnormal Psychology and Criminology. Prior to teaching here, she has been teaching as an adjunct since 2003 at Westchester Community College in the Psychology department.

Ms. Rieder believes that psychology is an important part of growth and plays a tremendous role in individual’s lives. To truly understand the world we live in, students need a fundamental knowledge of psychology.