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Ben Naylor

Ben Naylor

Ben Naylor

President's Chief of Staff

Brucker Hall, Room 6205



Ben Naylor, President's Chief of Staff, came to RCC in 2014 with a strong background in political and project management. He served as a researcher and in a direct support role to NBC News and National Journal political analyst Charlie Cook at the Cook Political Report, a 30-year old publication which provides analysis on federal campaigns and elections. He continued his career as a political analyst at Global Strategy Group, a Manhattan-based firm focusing on corporate and political strategy. He provided advice and counsel to Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, and local, state and federal political campaigns. He then made the transition to higher education at New York University, helping a wireless engineering start-up program get off the ground. The program is now self-sustaining and brings in annual multi-million dollar revenues.

As Chief of Staff, he serves as a trusted adviser and principal aide to the President and provides management support to the Board of Trustees. He is responsible for advancing the leadership agenda of the President and leads, coordinates and administers a number of College projects. He also directs the government relations function at RCC and is responsible for the overall legislative outreach strategy of the College.

Naylor holds a Bachelor's Degree in Government from Georgetown University, and a Master's Degree in Political Management from George Washington University.