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RSVP Brochure

The Most Complete Volunteer Resource
in Rockland County

Contact Information

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

Phone: 845-356-6818
Fax: 845-574-4539

Who Are We?

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Rockland County, sponsored by Rockland Community College, will answer all your questions about volunteering. If you are 55 years of age or older, planning the next phase of your life, and wishing to make an impact on the community, then RSVP is your resource to finding that fulfilling and interesting volunteer opportunity.

Who Volunteers?

People from ALL walks of life.

Give us a call - It's a call you'll never regret.

It's Easy to Volunteer

  1. Contact us
  2. Tell us what you like to do
  3. Tell us how much time you have
  4. We will match you with one of our more than 100 non-profit organizations

Over 55? You're in!

Are You...

You're there when needed and can be counted on to get the job done.
You know you are helping others - making a difference.
You are contributing so much to the community and to society.
You know where you are going with an important job to do - large or small.

Have a showbiz itch?

  • Be an entertainer
  • Become a clown

Check Out RSVP First - We Have It All.

  • Assist an ESL student
  • Be a friendly companion
  • Help in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Assist with clerical work
  • Teach reading and writing to adults
  • Read to children
  • Tutor children and adults
  • Be a driver for a veteran, disabled person, or older client

    ...and much, much more

Volunteer Placement Is Our Only Business

  • No special knowledge needed
  • Training provided

Quick & Easy to Register - Make an Impact!

Volunteers receive:

  • Placement at an organization that needs their skills
  • Positive feelings that result from being valued
  • Supplemental insurance – personal accident, liability, excess automobile coverage
  • Free door-to-door transportation to their volunteer placement
  • Annual recognition events
  • Newsletter and workshops


Our experienced professionals assure you a perfect match!
Call 845-356-6811x11 today for an appointment.

Downloadable Brochure (PDF)