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Facilities Rental

Facilities Rental

Contact Information

Administrative Services

Brucker Hall, Room 6101

Rockland Community College’s friendly atmosphere and outstanding facilities  - the ideal place to host your event!

RCC is truly here to serve the community and some of our facilities and lovely grounds are available for rental to the public. We host a variety of activities including major trade shows, conferences, and theatrical presentations.

For information about renting/using space at RCC, please call one of the following numbers listed below or Dennis Callinan, Director of Administrative Services at 845-574-4481.


Facility Contact Person Telephone Capacity
Eugene Levy Fieldhouse Dan Keeley 845-574-4452 5,025
Fieldhouse Pool Dan Keeley 845-574-4452 75
Cultural Arts Theater & Atrium
Christopher Plummer 845-574-4471 504
CAC Cafe Dennis Callinan 845-574-4481 206
Academic I & II Classrooms Dennis Callinan 845-574-4481 varies


Support Personnel Contact Person Telephone
Director of Public Safety William Murphy 845-574-4362
Director of Safety Robert Rahl 845-574-4722

Each facility has certain requirements and restrictions; however, the following is common to all spaces:

  • The College’s first priority is to provide space for College-sponsored functions.
  • Procurement for equipment and supplies for the event is not the responsibility of the College.
  • Certificate of Insurance:
    1. Naming Rockland Community College and the County of Rockland as co-insured
    2. Personal Injury - $1,000,000 per occurrence
    3. Property Damage - $50,000
    4. Statutory Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance for all employees
  • Down payment / deposit are required prior to the start of the event. Inspections are scheduled before and after the event. The renter is responsible for returning the facility to the condition prior to the event or pays the cost of returning the facility to its previous condition.
  • Non-College events that have audiences greater than 300 are required to have security and maintenance service.
  • Ticket orders and audits if applicable
  • Balance of rental fees is to be paid prior to the event.
  • Not-for-profit organizations/producers are to submit a copy of their 501(c) tax return.
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