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Workshop Descriptions

Academic Support & Success

  • 12 Habits of Successful Students (Keys to College Success)
    Overview and discussion of the 12 habits successful students utilize to help them achieve college success and transfer to a four-year college.
  • Avoiding Procrastination
    Employ new ways of thinking and avoid the negative consequences of procrastination in your life.
  • Formula for Mathematical Success
    Discover the causes of math anxiety and strategies to help maximize your performance during math exams.
  • Fundamentals of Academic Intervention
    Students learn abut the levels of academic intervention, academic standing requirements, and services available to help students meet their academic goals.
  • Keep Calm and Study - Enhancing Your Study Skills
    How to best process and retain information for improved studying. Gain best practices for studying as a college student.
  • Know How You Learn - Learning Styles Workshop/Note Taking Strategies
    Take a learning styles assessment and gain insight into how you learn. Helpful tips and strategies to maximize your learning capacity. Learn best practices for taking notes.
  • Preparing for Exams
    Study techniques to prepare you for taking different types of exams, from multiple choice to essays.
  • Reducing Test Anxiety
    Simple study and relaxation techniques to better prepare you for taking exams (multiple choice, true/false, fill-ins, and/or essays).
  • Test Taking Skills and Enhancing Your Memory
    Learn how tactics for multiple choice tests are different than for short answer or essays. Learn how to improve your memory for important information.
  • Understanding the Financial Aid Process
    Overview and discussion of financial aid and scholarships that can help ease students' financial concerns.

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Career Development

  • Career Mosaic Panel Discussion
    Successful professionals from a broad range of careers in health, law enforcement, education and government will share their experiences, insights and advice with students from a Hispanic perspective.
  • Choosing a Career
    Learn how skills, interests, and values play a role in the career exploration process.
  • Exploring Careers (also open to RCC alumni)
    Learn to make career choices that are compatible with your skills, interests, values, and personality type. Includes career assessment tools, career exploration activities, and developing plans towards your career choices.
  • Exploring Non-Traditional Careers (also open to RCC alumni) This workshop will focus on the benefits and challenges of working in fields that have been traditionally dominated by one gender.
  • Interviewing Techniques (also open to RCC alumni)
    Reduce the stress and successfully navigate a job interview. Preparation tips to learn the most commonly asked questions, appropriate clothes for an interview and more.
  • LinkedIn 101 (also open to RCC alumni)
    Introduction to this top professional networking site. Learn how to utilize LinkedIn to build professional relationships and find the right employment opportunities for you.
  • LinkedIn 102 (also open to RCC alumni)
    This workshop will look at the more advanced features of LinkedIn. Students will learn how build professional relationships and search for employment
  • Mock Interviews (also open to RCC alumni)
    Practice and perfect your interviewing skills in a friendly supportive atmosphere. Mock job interviews are recorded on video for your review, feedback and coaching. Gain skills and confidence and become better prepared for “real” employment interviews.
  • Negotiating a Salary (also open to RCC alumni)
    Learn about the tools needed to effectively negotiate. Steps to gather info about yourself, your target industry, and the company you are interested in.
  • Networking 101: Establishing Professional Connections
    How to build a professional network to help get ahead in your career. Strategies to maximize your professional connections.
  • Pathways to Career Success for Students with Disabilities (also open to RCC alumni)

    Acing the Interview
    Intro to Career Services & Resume Writing
    Overcoming Career Obstacles

    Workshop series presents pre-employment services for students with disabilities. Topics include resume writing, interviewing skills, job search strategies, and professional networking using social media.

  • Resume Writing (also open to RCC alumni)
    Learn to create an effective resume and the best resume format for highlighting your experiences and goals. What do businesses look for? Including important employment objectives. Solutions to overcome perceived limitations in your work history or education.
  • Social Media & Your Job Search
    Using popular social media websites in your job search. Find employment and networking opportunities using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Learn more about the importance of creating and maintaining a professional profile and social media presence.

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Counseling & Personal Development

  • Screening Events: Each semester Counseling hosts screening events where students can learn about signs and symptoms of various mental health issues, and resources to get help for themselves or a loved one
    • Alcohol/Substance Abuse Screening
    • Anxiety Screening
    • Depression Screening
  • Domestic Violence 101
    Learn about the cycle of domestic violence and intimate partner violence so that you can protect yourself and help others.
  • Drugs & Rape: How Do These Go Together?
    A Campus Sexual Assault Victims Unit Senior Investigator will offer us information to help us better understand this dangerous partnership.
  • Financial Literacy: Planning for a Financial Future
    Financial and money management strategies you can use to achieve a more secure future. Learn about managing your credit cards, credit score, loans, savings, and wealth building.
  • Managing Disappointments
    Specific techniques to better manage your disappointments, or, “turning lemons into lemonade.”
  • Rape, Aggression, and Defense Presentation RAD Classes Provide:
    • Reliable, professional training by certified instructors
    • A comprehensive program emphasizing awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance
    • A continuum of strategies to counteract assaults by strangers and acquaintances
    • Referrals to knowledgeable RCC or local community resources if a participant needs support with any related safety concern or incident
    • A lifetime guarantee for education and practice
  • Rape Culture
    Come join our conversation about rape culture. What is it? Do we live in one?
  • Reach Out Suicide Prevention
    Learn the signs and symptoms of suicide and how to help yourself or a friend.
  • "Red Zone" Tabling Events
    Learn how you can prevent sexual assault and how to help others facing this situation.
  • Speak Up - Reach Out: Suicide Prevention: No One Else Can Play Your Part
    Learn the signs and symptoms of suicide and how to help yourself or a friend.
  • Stalking: What is it & what you need to know to protect yourself
    Stalking is a serious and dangerous issue. Learn how to identify it and what resources are available to help you.
  • Stress Reduction
    Learn ways to reduce your academic stress and help manage your mental health symptoms by improving self-care skills.
  • Teen Dating Violence
    Dating Violence affects 1 in 3 people. Learn how you can protect yourself!
  • Title IX: Sexual Violence Prevention Workshop
    Important topics related to sexual assault prevention, bystander intervention and the definition of “consent.”

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Leadership Skills

  • Escape the Room
    You have been chosen to be a part of an elite military group. You've been deployed to find and defuse a bomb of epic proportions. You have 50 minutes to save us all. Held at the Palisades Mall. Contact 845-574-4373 for more information.
  • Enabling Others to Act and Encouraging the Heart
    Leadership is not a solo act, but rather a group process. They recognize they cannot do it alone and celebrate their team. Learn how to foster collaboration within your team and recognize the contributions of those around you.
  • How to be an Effective Leader
    Define leadership, learn the characteristics people seek in leaders, and reflect on your own personal and career skills to establish long and short-term success.
  • How to Plan a Successful Event
    Students running for Student Activity Board Chair for the 2018-2019 Academic year will deliver a full Successful Event Plan presentation for students to watch. Students in attendance will vote for which student they feel gave the best presentation, offering their voice in the SAB Chair selection process.
  • Inspiring a Shared Vision and Challenging the Process
    Leaders look toward the future and effect change. Creating this change is not always an easy task. This workshop will teach you how to get others to buy in to your vision and take the action necessary to achieve your vision.
  • Leadership Styles
    Discover your strengths as a leader and learn how to build a team that compensates for your weaknesses.
  • Leading from the Middle
    Leadership is not a title. Not having a position in a club or organization does not stop you from being a leader. Learn how to exercise your leadership abilities while not at the top.
  • LGBT Workshop
    A workshop designed for student leaders surrounding LGBT themes presented by Joe Falco.
  • Modeling the Way of a Leader
    Leaders stand up for their beliefs and practice what they preach. It is consistency between words and actions that build credibility. Learn how to clarify your values and set an example for others.
  • No “I” in Team: Team Building Workshop
    Learn how to be an effective team player.
  • Time Management for Student Leaders
    Sometimes leaders look at their calendars and their to-do lists and think "there aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done." In this workshop, you'll learn how to properly prioritize, set a timeline, and not forget to take care of yourself when juggling all of the many tasks required of you.

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Student Worker Orientation

  • New Student Worker Orientation
    Required for new student workers: review student worker policies and procedures, and learn about available payment options.

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Transfer Workshops

  • Completing the Common Application
    The Common Application can be used to apply to over 700 colleges with a single application. Come learn the basics of understanding and completing the Common Application.
  • New York, New York: Transferring to SUNY/CUNY
    Many RCC students transfer to SUNY or CUNY Schools upon graduation. This workshop covers searching for an academic program, the application process for both SUNY and CUNY, General Education Requirements, and transfer policies.
  • Preparing for the Transfer Fair: What to ask?
    RCC's Spring Transfer Fair is March 12th and 13th from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM in the Fieldhouse. Over 50 schools will be represented. This workshop will help you prepare for the transfer fair so you know what information you should have with you and what questions you should come prepared to ask to get the most out of this event.
  • Up Up & Away: Crash Course in Transferring
    Transferring is stressful. This workshop is aimed to help you organize and understand the tasks necessary to transfer along with tips and tricks to make the process easier

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Veterans Workshops

  • From Combat to Careers (also open to RCC alumni)

    ACE the Interview
    Mapping your Career Path
    Resume Writing - Keeping it Undated
    Social Soldiers - A Professional Guide to Social Media

    RCC’s career specialists and counselors are here to assist our veterans. Topics include: choosing a career path, organizing and writing resumes, identifying transferable skills, translating military terminology to civilian terminology, developing interviewing skills, and exploring promising employment opportunities.

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Weekly Support Groups

  • De-stress group discussion held every Tuesday at 12:30 pm in the Technology Center, Room 8372
  • Safe Zone - LGBTQ+ group discussion held every Wednesday at 11 am in the Technology Center, Room 8372
  • Somos El Futuro - held every Thursday (October 5 - December 7) at 12:30 pm in the Technology Center, Room 8227

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