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Prepare for your Advisement Session

Registration Made Easy
Ready...          Set...         Go!!!


Before meeting with an advisor, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Find out who your ASSIGNED ADVISOR is by following these steps:
    • Log into myRCC, click WebAdvisor, click STUDENTS and click "AM I READY TO REGISTER?"
    • Your assigned advisor's name and contact information will appear here. Contact them to make an appointment.
  2. Review your PROGRAM EVALUATION on WebAdvisor to determine what courses you need.  See How to Access your Program Evaluation & Transcript using WebAdvisor Instructions.
  3. Search for classes and develop a tentative schedule using WebAdvisor. For instructions, see How to Search/Register for Classes using WebAdvisor. For scheduling worksheets, see Schedule Worksheets.


When meeting with your advisor:

  1. Review your tentative schedule, making changes to courses as needed
  2. Ask the advisor any questions you may have regarding courses, requirements, student services, etc.


After meeting with your advisor:

Once your advisor has approved your schedule, you may register for classes per your time permit.

  • To find out when you can register for classes, log into myRCC, click WebAdvisor, click STUDENTS and click "AM I READY TO REGISTER?"
  • Here you will find the first date and time you may register for classes. This will also tell you if you have any holds (i.e. Finance Hold, Library Hold, etc. that need to be resolved prior to registering
  • Click HOW TO Search/Register for Classes using WebAdvisor for instructions on how to register online.

See our selection of How-to Videos for more detailed instructions