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College Steps

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College Steps

Rachael Smith-Ramos
Regional Director
College Steps

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College Steps is a non-profit organization that partners with Rockland Community College to provide individualized college support for students living with social or learning challenges. College Steps offers its support program to three groups of students:

  • Enrolled students for whom navigating college is challenged by social, academic, or independent living barriers
  • High school students who are eligible for transition services
  • College students interested in our 2-year College Steps certificate program


How Does College Steps Operate on Campus?

Program Coordinator

College Steps supplies a full-time Program Coordinator on each campus who supports College Steps students in the following ways:

  • Works with students to devise and refine an Individualized College Plan (ICP) that outlines the student’s academic, vocational, social, and independent living goals and serves as a working road map for college success.
  • Meets with students daily to ensure academic goals are being met and support is being most efficiently provided.
  • Interfaces with family members to ensure frequent and detailed feedback on student performance is conveyed.
  • Interfaces with college faculty, administrators, staff and students to coordinate and support the individualized needs of each student.
  • Supervises College Steps’ network of on-campus Peer Mentors.


Peer Mentors

College Steps carefully selects, trains, and employs a team of undergraduate students at RCC. Peer mentors provide support with academics (e.g., supportive study time, organizational support, etc.) and vocational internships, as well as help link College Steps scholars to the social element of college life via introduction to new clubs or activities, social groups, and extracurricular events.


Admission into College Steps is based on careful assessment of each student’s level of need and professional aspirations. Our primary admission’s criteria are: (1) attendance at the partnering college/university (2) documentation of social, communication, or learning disability, (3) interest in accessing the unique support model provided by College Steps.


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