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Tuition and Fees


Payment for Fall 2018 is due Thursday Aug 2, 2018

Payment for Spring 2018 was due in January 2018


Chart reflects current rate as of (Fall 2018).

(Summer/Winter Sessions - Payment is due upon registration)

Payment Options and Schedule

Full Time Annually

Full Time Semester

Part Time Per Credit

Rockland County Resident

$ 4,746.00

$ 2,373.00

$ 199.00

NYS Resident
Out of County with Certificate

$ 4,746.00

$ 2,373.00

$ 199.00

NYS Resident - Out of County w/o Certificate

$ 9,492.00

$ 4,746.00

$ 398.00

Out of State Resident/F1 Visa ++

$ 9,492.00

$ 4,746.00

$ 398.00

*Tuition and Fees are subject to change*

++Fall & Spring semesters only:

Out of State Residence and F1 Visa students will be charged an additional $10 per credit up to $150.00 per semester.

Note: A 1098-T form is mailed in January to all students with a valid Social Security Number on file.

Tax Benefits for Education - Publication 970

  • Students taking 12 to 18 credits pay the full-time rate.
  • Students taking more than 18 credits pay $100.00 per additional credit.
  • See Residency Policy and Payment Schedule for additional information.


SUNY Net Price Cost Calculator

Other Fees

Other fees are for student activities, services, or program related.

Student Activities Fee

Student Type


Full Time

$ 74.00

Part Time

$ 4.50 per credit hour (Min $9.00)


Program Related Fees
Fee Amount

Computer Fee

$ 25.00/Course

Food Services Supplies


Laboratory Fee

$ 25.00/Course

Malpractice Insurance

$ Varies*

Photography Lab/Art

$ 25.00/Course

Telecourse & Distance Learning

$ 20.00/Course

Tutorial Fee

$ 25.00/Course

Learning Contract (audited courses)

$ 25.00/Course

Applied Music Fee (MUS 261)

$ 450.00/Course

Applied Music Fee (MUS 262)

$ 750.00/Course


Student Services Fees
Fee Amount

Credit for Experience (Prior Learning)

40% of credit cost*

Readmission Fee

$ 5.00*

Technology Fee

$ 12.00 per credit

Application Fee


Identification Card Replacement Fee **

$ 5.00*

Drop Fee

$ 5.00*

Deferred Payment Fee

$ 30.00*

Deferred Payment Late Fee

$ 15.00

Dishonored Check Fee

$ 30.00*

Transcript Fee

$ 5.00* each

Document Fee

$ 5.00* each

Graduation Fee

$ 30.00*

Bus Pass (TOR) (1 Pass per Semester)

$ 60.00/semester*

* Non-Refundable

+ Required of full-time students; optional for part-time students

  • Students are responsible for collection agency costs.
  • New students are issued a photo identification card at no charge.
  • Returning students must have their photo identification cards validated for the current semester at no charge.
  • Students must present proof of registration to obtain a new photo ID card or validate an existing photo ID card.
  • Replacement photo ID cards are obtained for a $5.00 fee, payable at the Bursar's office, unless the replacement is required due to a name change, in which case the fee is waived. Proof of payment of the replacement fee must be shown before a replacement photo ID card is issued.

*Tuition and Fees are subject to change

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