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Tuition Refund Appeals and Retroactive Withdrawal Requests

For students who experience extenuating circumstances...

Students who experience an extenuating circumstance beyond their control that prohibits their continued attendance at RCC may be eligible to apply for a full tuition refund or retroactive withdrawal. The granting of the appeal or request will apply to all classes taken during that period unless specific documentation supports a different outcome. Students may apply for one or the other but not both.

Tuition Refund Appeal / Retroactive Withdrawal Request Form

Examples of extenuating circumstances :

  • Death of an immediate family member or close relative
  • Onset of a medical or mental health condition
  • Accident or injury
  • Call to active military duty
  • Administrative error made by the College
  • Requirement to relocate or leave the country to take care of an immediate family member's health.

Tuition Refund Appeals

A student with extenuating circumstances may fill out and submit a Tuition Refund Appeal after classes have begun, or within one year from the last day of the semester that included the extenuating circumstance, along with any required documentation. Course grades for that semester will also be changed to an (X).

Retroactive Withdrawal Requests

Students with extenuating circumstances beyond their control that prohibited them from dropping one or more courses in time for the standard deadline to withdraw  may be eligible to have their grades changed to (W) retroactively. Faculty Approval is also required to change your letter grade (A – F) to (W).

Please submit completed form and documentation to:

Rockland Community College
Attn: Tuition Appeals Committee
145 College Road, Room 8220
Suffern, NY 10901

Please note: All decisions of the Tuition Refund Appeal/Retroactive Withdrawal Request are final.