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Refund Policy

Student Obligation for Payment of Tuition and Fees

The following students will be financially obligated to the College regardless of attendance:

  • Students who fail to complete a College Drop/Add Form within the refund period of the semester will be financially obligated to the College for the unpaid balance, regardless of attendance.
  • Students whose fees are charged to financial aid awards or who receive a deferment based on pending financial aid awards at the time of registration, and who subsequently become ineligible for the financial aid for any reason, will be liable for all funds due to the College, regardless of attendance.
  • Students who remit payment for tuition and/or fees with a check that is returned unpaid (for any reason) become liable for the full amount of tuition and/or fees assessed.
  • The College will not dismiss or waive a debt created by a refund issued to a student based on financial aid when such aid is subsequently canceled or reduced.
  • Failure to attend a class and/or failure to make full payment for a class does not relieve the student of the financial liability incurred upon registration.

Tuition refunds will be granted after the following requirements have been met:

  • The student will receive a refund in accordance with the refund schedule as published in the Tuition Refund Schedule and as shown below. The amount of the refund depends on the date of the student’s official withdrawal from the College.
  • The refund candidate submits a completed Drop/Add Form to Records & Registration.
  • The refund candidate must submit a signed refund request to the Bursar’s Office.

Refunds will not be issued:

  • For withdrawal without receipt of a signed Drop/Add Form
  • For withdrawal due to failure in complying with State-mandated immunization requirements
  • To students dismissed for disciplinary reasons
  • On non-refundable fees
  • On courses considered to be Learning Contracts
  • Unless application for the refund is made within one year after the end of semester/session for which the tuition liability was incurred.

Fall/Spring Semesters

  • 100% tuition only refunds are issued up to and including the “business” day before the semester begins
  • 75% for the first week
  • 50% for the second week
  • 25% for the third week
  • 0% thereafter

Winter/Summer/Flex Start Sessions

  • 100% tuition only refunds are issued up to and including the “business” day before the semester begins
  • 25% for the first week
  • 0% thereafter


Refund Schedule