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Payment Options and Schedule

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Spring 2020

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Note: All down payments are processed immediately.

General Information

The College reserves the right to cancel student schedules when payment is not received by the published deadlines. Original schedules cannot be guaranteed for students who must re-register. Unpaid charges will result in holds on your account that prevent the release of transcripts, diplomas, future registration and other services. We encourage you to resolve your balance before referral to an outside collection agency. Students will be responsible for paying the collection agency the cost of their service and litigation costs.

Example: To resolve student debt.

Student debt = $1000.00. The payer is required to pay 1,000.00 (College Debt) + $230.00 (Collection Agency Cost - base on 23%) totaling $1,230.00 in order to resolve student's debt.

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Personal checks will not be accepted for prior semesters/sessions.

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