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Registration Steps for Visiting and Non-Matriculated Students

Thank you for your interest in taking courses at RCC. Below you will find information about registering for summer and/or winter sessions. Please contact Records & Registration at 845-574-4328 or We look forward to welcoming you to our campus!

Summer 2020 Session Dates

Summer Session I May 26 - June 29 5 weeks Online
Summer Session II June 1 - July 23 8 weeks Online
Summer Session III July 6 - August 6 5 weeks Online

Summer 2020 Registration Frequently Asked Questions

When can I register for Summer?

  • Registration for all Summer 2020 sessions is currently open All courses will be taught remotely.
    • Summer Session 1 courses begin May 26 and end June 29.
    • Summer Session 2 courses begin June 1 and end July 23.
    • Summer Session 3 courses begin July 6 and end August 6.

How will I register for Summer?

  • Registration for Summer 2020 will occur through Self-Service Banner (SSB), our new student service portal.
  • Students will find the link to Self-Service Banner (SSB) in their myRCC portal.
  • Visiting students, go to this section for registration instructions.

How can I see Summer course offerings?

  • Summer course offering will be viewable in Self-Service Banner. Current students can access Self-Service Banner in their myRCC portal.
  • Visiting students can view course offerings using this Self-Service Banner link.

How will courses be taught in the Summer?

  • All courses offered in Summer Sessions will be taught remotely; no in-person courses are being offered this summer.
  • Courses taught in Summer Sessions 1, 2 and 3 are either Synchronous or Asynchronous (these designations are noted in Self Service in the Meeting Times column* on each course record).

    *The columns in the course record can be expanded by hovering your mouse over the column separator and pulling the column wider to fully expose all the text.

    Note: Currently, many courses have the mode as Class. Session course offerings will be updated shortly to indicate the new mode of instruction for these courses.
    • Synchronous means that there are routine course meeting times where class activities are conducted through a virtual platform. In Self Service, courses labeled Remote Learning are generally synchronous courses. In addition, some Online-Blackboard and Online-Collaborate courses are synchronous. Look for calendar days and times - - these are indicators that the course has designated, routine meeting times.
      screenshot of meeting time column with days highlighted indicating synchronous
    • Asynchronous means that there is no standard, routine course meeting times. In Self Service, many courses labeled Online-Blackboard are asynchronous. If no calendar days and times are indicated, then the course is asynchronous.
      screenshot of meeting time column with no days highlighted indicating asynchronous

I viewed a course in WebAdvisor, but when I look for it in Self Service Banner, I don't see the same course number. Why?

  • The systems code courses differently. To find your course in Self Service Banner, simply add "00" to the last two digits of the WebAdvisor course code.

    For Example, English 101-College Writing 1:
    WebAdvisor: The course appears as ENG-101
    Self Service Banner: The course appears as: ENG-10100
  • To make sure you are accurately registering in the desired course, verify the course name.

Who can I contact for help with registering in Self-Service Banner?

Steps for Visiting Students

You are considered a visiting student if you are enrolled at another college and wishing to register for a course or two at RCC and then transfer credits back to your home institution. If you are currently attending a SUNY college or university you must follow the SUNY Cross Registration policy. All other students please follow the directions below.

  1. For non-SUNY students, please make sure your home school approves you taking the courses at RCC. Download your home school's required form.
  2. Visiting students can view course offerings using this Self-Service Banner link. Summer course listings are now available. Fall courses will be added soon.
  3. When you’re ready to register, complete the one-page student data sheet (PDF). If you are a returning visiting student (who has previously taken courses at RCC), you do not need to complete the student data sheet.
  4. Complete the registration form (PDF), be sure to fill out the department name, course number, section number and sign and date the bottom of the form to avoid delays processing your registration (fill out the fields to the best of your ability).
    • If you are registering for a course that has prerequisites, you will need to provide transcripts (can be unofficial) to show that prerequisites have been met.
    • If you plan to take English or mathematics course, you may need to take a placement test or provide transcripts to show your skill level in reading, writing and/or mathematics. You can view the Placement Testing Schedule and visit Placement & Assessment or call 845-574-4328 if you have questions about what’s required.
  5. All students in New York State who enroll in 6 or more credits must submit a completed immunization form (PDF). Failure to provide acceptable immunization documentation may result in removal from classes without refund of tuition and fees. If you are enrolling in 6 or more credits, complete the immunization form and submit it with your paperwork.
  6. Email your forms, along with a copy of a valid picture ID, to The picture ID is required for registration and a residency check.
  7. Once Records has entered your Student Data Sheet, you will receive additional correspondence on how to register through Banner Self-Service.

All students in the following categories need to contact an Admissions Counselor:

  • High school students who will not graduate this year
  • Students without a high school diploma who are seeking to earn their 24 credit hour High School Equivalency (HSE) by earning college credits
  • New students who wish to continue their studies at RCC as degree-seeking students (matriculating)
  • Degree-seeking students who wish to attend RCC for the first time
  • Students wishing to apply for and receive financial aid for courses taken at RCC

Please contact the Admissions Office at or 845-574-4224 to discuss your options.

Registration Deadlines & Payment

Students may register for classes through the first day of each session provided there is room in the course. Once you complete the steps above, Records and Registration will mail you confirmation of your registration and information about setting up your RCC accounts, as well as information about payment.

Visit Student Accounts for more information about costs and payments. Visit the Schedule & Registration page for important dates and deadlines.


Advisor signatures are not required for summer or winter registrations. However, students seeking a faculty advisor for their summer course selections are encouraged to go to Student Success. Students who wish to take more than the following number of credits must receive an approval signature on their form from the Student Success counselors.

  • Summer Session I or III: 7 credits
  • Summer Session II: 9 credits
  • Combination of all Summer Sessions: 12 credits
  • Wintersession: 4 credits