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Advancing the College

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Strategic Goal #4

Broaden public awareness and support by solidifying RCC’s role in the region’s educational and cultural development and growth through comprehensive programming, marketing and fundraising strategies.

Key Strategies

  1. Develop a multi-media marketing and branding campaign through multiple communication and delivery channels.
  2. Employ predictive analytics resulting in data-driven decision-making to improve institutional performance and create efficiencies.
  3. Implement a capital campaign to widen community involvement in supporting strategic initiatives in carrying out RCC’s mission.
  4. Intensify the grants initiative to increase support for innovation, create opportunities for professional development, expand learning options, and strengthen programs.
  5. Expand the alumni development program, increasing engagement across the community and in the marketing effort.
  6. Develop and assess noncredit programs and workforce training for viability and the changing needs and demographics of the region in collaboration with community partners.

Strategic Outcome

By 2019, RCC will employ comprehensive strategies in marketing, assessment, workforce development, research, and resource development to secure $9M in revenue, grants and capital fundraising.

See How We're Doing!

Strategic Goal #4 Scorecard