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Fostering Student Success

Strategic Planning | Goal #1 | Goal #2 | Goal #3 | Goal #4

Strategic Goal #1

Promote a dynamic learning environment that champions innovation, infuses best practices, incorporates academic technology, and supports students toward goal attainment.

Key Strategies

  1. Expand access, enrollment and retention for traditional and non-traditional students.
  2. Expand and diversify public relations/marketing, expanding community partnerships, and strengthening linkages with schools, employers, and transfer institutions.
  3. Develop a technology-enhanced mentoring/coaching system to improve advising, persistence, and retention.
  4. Establish innovative, global, flexible curriculums, and programmatic pathways, accelerated degrees, and credit for prior learning to increase degree attainment through RCC and SUNY initiatives.
  5. Develop and assess credit and technical programs for the changing needs and demographics of the region in collaboration with community partners.
  6. Provide professional development opportunities for faculty to develop their learning and curriculum development.

Strategic Outcome

By 2019, RCC will expand educational opportunities and energize teaching and learning to stabilize enrollment at or above 6,000 FTE.

See How We're Doing!

Strategic Goal #1 Scorecard

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