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Building the Organization

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Strategic Goal #2

Formulate organizational systems, structures, policies, and procedures that emphasize collaboration, inclusion, shared responsibility, civility, and diversity.

Key Strategies

  1. Assess organizational structures and recommend modifications that increase collaboration, communication, and effectiveness.
  2. Provide systematic professional development and leadership training for the college community to support strategic initiatives.
  3. Evaluate and modify governance systems in order to improve shared responsibility, inclusion, and cooperation.
  4. Deploy a model of continuous assessment to measure effectiveness and institutional climate.
  5. Devise a succession planning process providing a framework for recruiting and retaining faculty and staff who reflect the diversity of the community.
  6. Improve inter-office and intra-office procedures to streamline enrollment processes.

Strategic Outcome

By 2019, RCC will implement a framework for continuous assessment using PACE to achieve a one-level improvement against baseline data in institutional climate, shared responsibility, and esprit d’corps.

See How We're Doing!

Strategic Goal #2 Scorecard