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The Field of Criminal Justice

Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett, PhD, Assistant Professor/Chair, Criminal Justice, 845-574-4320

Intended Audience: Professionals, students, anyone interested in Criminal Justice

Abstract: As an officer for 32 years, he is prepared to discuss any subject in policing. He can also speak on the benefits of the Criminal Justice program at RCC.

About the Speaker: Dr. Kevin Barrett, Assistant Professor and Chair of Criminal Justice, has served for 32 years with the Englewood, New Jersey, police department. He retired at the rank of Lieutenant in 2010. Prior to coming to RCC, he taught Police Ethics at John Jay in the NYPD Leadership program, and criminal justice courses at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is a Police Training Commission certified instructor on police ethics to recruits at the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute in New Jersey. He was the lead author of an article on police use of force published in a special issue of the journal Crime, Law and Social Change (2009) and has presented at several academic conferences. Barrett earned a BA in Political Science from Montclair State College (now university) in Upper Montclair, NJ; MA in Criminal Justice from John Jay College, New York City; and MPhil and PhD in Criminal Justice from CUNY's The Graduate Center in New York City.

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