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How to Maximize Employee Engagement in your Workplace

Zuleika Cuevas

Zuleika Cuevas, MBA, adjunct faculty, Speech, 845-596-7646

Intended Audience: corporate leaders, business owners, human resource executives, and professionals

Abstract: One of the most difficult problems that employers encounter is employee dissatisfaction and retention issues. It is during hard economic times that organizations should put processes in place to keep the good employees from walking out the door and this can be tricky. Also, just as important, one size does not fit all. Every employee is motivated differently. In addition, business issues today require new and diverse problem-solving approaches when it comes to the multi-cultural workforce. In this seminar you will learn strategies and solutions to employee turnover that makes sure all employees are satisfied and remain satisfied.

About the Speaker: Zuleika Cuevas is Director of Operations for a non-profit organization and supports a corporate leadership development program which gives multi-cultural managers in corporations the skills they need to advance into executive positions. She has over 25 years of corporate and educational experience. Zuleika holds a Masters in Business Administration and is a graduate from Dale Carnegie. She is Vice President of the Parental Advisory Committee at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons S-PREP, and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Speech at RCC.

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