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Bridging the Generation Gap in the Workplace

Catherine Roche

Catherine M. Roche, Professor/Chair, Business and Information Technology Division, 845-574-4218

Intended Audience: Professionals

Abstract: In today’s workplace, four distinct generations co-exist and attempt to work cooperatively and harmoniously. However, each of these four generations brings its own perspectives and values to the work environment, which often results in conflict and misunderstanding. Discover who these generations are and the factors that influence their attitudes, behavior, and expectations. Learn how to communicate effectively, manage, and motivate this diverse workforce with special emphasis on the millennial generation.

About the Speaker: Catherine Roche is Chair of the Business and Information Technology Division and is a full-time faculty member in the Business Department. She has been an educator for the past 35 years teaching at the high school and post-secondary levels in private and public institutions. Roche is a Quality Matters Certified Peer Reviewer for online courses and has taught online since 2000. In addition, she has designed and delivered many short-term training workshops and seminars for the corporate sector. She is the co-author of “Teaching, Learning, and Collaborating in the Cloud: Applications of Cloud Computing for Educators in Post-Secondary Institutions,” published in 2012 in the Journal of Educational Technology Systems. She earned a BBA in Business Education from Pace University in New York City, and an MA in Business Education from New York University in New York City. Roche serves on the board of the New York Association of Two-Year Colleges.

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