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Rocky's Profile

Rocky the Hawk. Go fighting hawks!

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Meet Rocky - Our Mascot

Rocky the Hawk

Rocky the Hawk - AvesAccipitriformesAccipitridae

Hatched: 2011 – Suffern, New York

Weight: Featherweight

Marital Status: Single

Resident: Hawks Manor - 1 Perch Place – Suffern, New York - Rockland County

Education: Rockland Community College
Major: Ornithology - Minor: Environmental Pollution

Likes: Accomplishments - Learning something new each day.

Dislikes: "Winging it"

Hobbies: New Challenges and Fly Fishing

Favorite Quote: “The human bird shall take his first flight, filling the world with amazement, all writings with his fame, and bringing eternal glory to the nest whence he sprang.” - Leonardo da Vinci

Favorite song(s): Gonna Fly Now, Wind Beneath My Wings, Fly Like An Eagle, I Believe I Can Fly, Fly Like A Bird, Breakaway

Favorite movie(s): Angry Birds, Chicken Little, Chicken Run, Free Birds, Happy Feet 1 & 2, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, Penguins of Madagascar, Rio 1 & 2, Surf's Up, The Pebble and the Penguin.

Favorite place(s): Automotive Technology Center, Hawk's Nest, Fitness Center, Haverstraw Center and coming soon the Outdoor Performance Space and Peace Garden.

Wish List Movies: Storks

Favorite Teams: NFL: Seahawks, NHL: Blackhawks, NBA: Hawks, MLB: Yankees, Minor League: Rockland Boulders, NJCAA: RCC Hawks

Bird Friends: Boulder Bird, Henery Hawk, Rocky (Chicken Run), Skipper, Kowalski, Private, Rico, Mumble, Gloria, Ramón & the Amigos, Reggie, Jake, Jenny, Blu, Jewel, Rafael, Pedro, Nico, Cody Maverick, Ezekiel 'Big Z' Topanga, Lani Aliikai, Chicken Joe, Hubie, and RCC Hawks.

Rocky the Hawk, a rara-avis (rare-bird) since birth, has always believed that, "The early bird catches the worm," and finds it to be true every time he spread his wings. His bird's-eye view includes all those who accept the SOAR challenge and continue to strive and put a 'feather' in their cap upon graduation! Though confident that the community of Rockland Community College will continue to take these fledgling scholars under their wings, he makes his own unique commitment, saying to himself, "I will keep watching you like the hawk I am.”


Go Fighting Hawks! Visit Rocky's Nest!