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Professional Development Fund Guidelines

CETL provides supplementary funding for off-campus professional development opportunities. The CETL Advisory Board is charged with establishing the criteria for the distribution of professional development funds and with approving the proposals of individuals and/or groups who apply to receive that support.


The Professional Development Fund provides support for group or individual professional development of faculty, administrators and educational support staff.


Proposals may address any area, discipline, or program at Rockland Community College. Proposals may support 1) the piloting of new and innovative approaches and programs; 2) research activities related to professional development; 3) specialized training activities. This list should not, however, limit ideas for possible proposals in areas not specifically identified above.


All members of the Rockland Community College faculty, administration, and educational support staff are eligible to submit proposals. Adjunct faculty are also eligible if they have taught at Rockland for at least three consecutive semesters (September through May) and have the approval of their supervisor.

Review Process and Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be competitively reviewed by the CETL Advisory Board. Budget limitations will also impact awards. Among other factors, preference will be given to applicants who have not received PDF funding within the last two years.  In the proposal evaluation process, reviewers will consider such factors as:

  1. The positive contribution of the activity to the college community;
  2. The significance of the activity to the academic discipline and/or to the individual applicant’s professional development;
  3. Overall benefits to participants and target audience;
  4. The activity’s cost effectiveness;
  5. Other funding sources investigated.

After the Activity:

Awardees are asked to share their experience in two ways:

  • Submit a one or two page report on the major high points of the activity.  Please submit the report to CETL within four weeks of the activity’s completion. Funded applications and final activity reports will be kept on file in the CETL Resource Room (room 8322).
  • Participate in a CETL presentation to the College community to share the highlights of the activity.