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Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

This series provides presentations open to the public by Rockland Community College Professors who have been recognized for their teaching and/or scholarship.

Spring 2017

  • Witness to a Dirty War: The Tragedy of Argentina

Presenter: Mara-Lee Bierman

Spring 2015

  • Let There Be Light: A Journey into Creation of the Universe
    Presenter: Saeed Safaie

Spring 2014

  • Forgotten Bondage; Irish Slavery in the New World
    Presenter: Prof. Marie Liberace

Fall 2013

  • Beauty Mark: My Third Poetry Book, and How I Wrote It
    Presenter: Dr. Suzanne Cleary-Langley

Spring 2013

  • Victor Frankenstein’s Trouble With Women
    Presenters: Dr. Nancy Hazelton and Prof. Emily Harvey
  • Adventures, Encounters & Human Rights
    Presenter: Dr. Elaine Padilla

Fall 2012

  • What We Should Know About Intellectual Property Rights
    Presenter: Dr. Xi Shi

Spring 2012

  • Tuberculosis: Yesterday and Today
    Presenters: Dr. Kristopher Baker and Dr. Tom Butler
  • Cyberbullying and Electronic Aggression: Are These the New Improved Bullying Methods?
    Presenter: Dr. Kristie Morris

Fall 2011

  • Psycho-historical Patterns of Modern and Post-Modern Terrorism
    Presenter: Dr. Anna Geifman
  • Memoirists Three
    Presenters: Prof. Pamela Floyd, Dr. Liya Li, Ms. Joan White, and Prof. Reamy Jansen

Spring 2011

  • Confronting Caliban: The Surprising Similarities of Medieval European Anti-Semitism and American Racism
    Presenters: Dr. David Lucander and Dr. Christina Stern
  • Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap Water? You Decide!
    Presenter: Dr. Susan Brydon Golz
  • Disease and Social Transformation: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of History
    Presenter: Prof. Bruce Delfini

Fall 2010

  • If Plato Led A Fortune 500 Firm: Lessons From His Republic
    Presenter: Dr. Martin Lecker
  • One Too Many Demons: Creation and Conflict in Writing a Memoir
    Presenter: Prof. Reamy Jansen

Spring 2010

  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor: New Historical and Psychological Considerations
    Presented by Dr. David Beisel
  • Conquering Math Anxiety
    Presenter: Prof. Peter Arvanites
  • From Image to Meaning: Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Mandarin Chinese
    Presenter: Dr. Liya Li

Fall 2009

  • In the Beginning was the World
    Presented by Prof. Wilma Frank

Spring 2009

  • Brain-Based Learning: A Theory Under Investigation in Higher Education
    Presenter: Prof. Nahed Salama
  • Poets Three
    Presenters: Profs. Suzanne Cleary-Langley, Prof. Reamy Jansen and Prof. Dan Masterson

Fall 2008

  • "The apparel oft proclaims the man": Clothing and Identity in Shakespeare's Plays
    Presenter: Prof. Nancy Hazelton

Spring 2008

  • Sincerely Geo
    Presenter: Prof. Maire Liberace
  • Joy? Joy?
    Presenter: Dr. Suzanne Cleary-Langley
  • "Mirror, mirror, on the wall: Edith Wharton’s Looking-Glass and 'the emptiness of renunciation'"
    Presenter: Prof. Elaine Toia

Spring 2007

  • Nazi Oppression: New Psychological and Historical Considerations
    Presenter: Dr. David Beisel
  • What Does it Mean to Be Human?
    Presenter: Prof. Richard Connolly
  • Films Across the Curriculum: The Academic Connection
    Presenter: Dr. Ann Fey
  • The Dusty Road from Correctional Facility to Community College:
    Some Reflections, Research Questions, and Suggestions

    Presenter: Dr. Joseph Pirone
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