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August and September 2009 Achievements


Elizabeth Sayles, adjunct faculty, Art was just elected to the Board of the Edward Hopper House in Nyack and will be heading their Education Committee, with an emphasis on creating scholarships for talented, but unrecognized high school students.


Jon Jon Federic S. Chua, Information Technology, received the Spirit of RSVP award because of his outstanding support of RSVP as they expanded their on-line programs and services (Sept. 23). Gerri Zabusky, Director of RSVP, said that not only did Chua "do excellent work, but he also exhibits extreme patience, kindness and good will as he provides quality service."

Laurie Pina, CASS Coordinator, was acknowledged at the American Association of University Women's National Conference for being the individual who recruited the most new members in the Member-Get-a-Member Campaign in 2008-2009.


David Beisel, PhD, Professor of Social Sciences, presented his scholarly paper, "The Trauma Novel As A Historical Source," at the Thirty-fourth Annual Convention of the International Psychohistorical Association (June, Fordham University Law School). He presented his paper, "The Psychology of Remembering: Pearl Harbor and Operation Barbarossa in the Light of 9/11," at the Psychohistory Forum at the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (September 13). He wrote the AFTERWORD for the second edition of his book, "The Suicidal Embrace: Hitler, the Allies, and the Origins of the Second World War," which will be published this October.

The poem, "From The Boy's Own Book, a Complete Encyclopedia of All the Diversions Scientific, Athletic, and Recreative, of Boyhood and Youth, by William Clark," by Dr. Suzanne Cleary-Langley, Professor, English, is included in the anthology, Best American Poetry, 2009. The poem will also appear in her third poetry book, BEAUTY MARK, to be published by Carnegie Mellon UP, probably early in 2011. She read the poem at the New School (NYC, September 24) at the publication celebration reading.

Barbara Unger, Professor Emerita, English, presented at the program "Rolling at 75: Poems of Our Times." Barbara Unger's award winning poems in her latest book, Impulse Toward Flight, reflect the huge changes that have hit America since the Great Depression and WWII. Winner of the New York Society Library Book Award and many other honors, Suffern resident Unger tells an unforgettable story about American progress, romance and possibility. Unger is also the author of Bronx Accent.


Anthony Cantave, whose graphic design work was selected for the annual Best of SUNY, Spring 2009 student exhibition, received an honorable mention and scholarship award of $500. Naama Hizami was also in the Best of SUNY for her 3D design artwork. Best of SUNY is a juried show providing students with the opportunity to exhibit at the NY State Museum and compete for monetary awards and prizes. Anthony's digital print was selected from the Fall 2008 SUNY student art exhibition series held at the SUNY Plaza Art Gallery in Albany, NY. These exhibits are curated by Lena Hyun for the RCC Art Department.

Students Mark Svensson and Tarik Abdelqader, Co-Chairmen of the College's Anti-Slavery Committee, were asked by the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) in Nyack to lead a panel discussion (Sunday, Oct. 4, 2 – 4 p.m.) about their letter signing campaign in support of anti-slavery bill, H.R 2522, Congressional Commission on the Abolition of Modern-Day Slavery Act. If the bill is passed, it would establish the first United States commission aimed solely at monitoring and combating slavery in all its forms. Others on the panel include D. Mungai Nijre, a former Kenyan government official, child soldier and a victim of modern-day slavery, and RCC's Sherrill Wilson, adjunct faculty, History. Svensson and Abdelqader's article about slavery was published by the Fellowship of Reconciliation at: On October 6, Dr. Cliff L. Wood, College President, will be taking Svensson and Abdelqader to Washington, D.C., to meet with U.S. Congressman John Lewis of Georgia to discuss the students' campaign.