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Computer Network Users Policy

Rockland Community College is pleased to make available its computing and information facilities to you, for the pursuit of supporting your academic goals.

Your access to the College computing facilities and networks is granted subject to local, state, and federal laws; College policies; and SUNYNET and NYSERNET acceptable use policies. Following acceptable use policy is legal ethical, and reflects academic honesty, and shows restraint in the consumption of shared resources. It demonstrates respect for the laws of intellectual property, ownership of data, system security mechanisms, and for an individual's rights to privacy and freedom from intimidation, harassment, and unwarranted annoyance.

You should exercise responsible, ethical behavior when using Rockland Community College's computing facilities. This includes the following guidelines:

  1. You are responsible for all usage of your account(s). Protect your password. Do not tell it or show it to anyone. Do not use another's account even if he or she carelessly reveals - or makes available - his/her password.
  2. Use your account only for the intended purpose such as course work or academic research. You may not use an account for personal or financial gain, such as working for a profit organization, or partisan political purposes, such as advertising for a political candidate.
  3. Do not copy or attempt to modify any college owned software.
  4. Do not load any program on college owned computers.
  5. Do not use college owned facilities in violation of current copyright laws, such as copying software for which you are not the registered owner, or by providing copies of copyright-protected software to others.
  6. Do not engage in activities that damage or disrupt hardware, software, or communications, such as virus creation and propagation, wasting system resources, and overloading the network with excessive data.
  7. You may not monopolize or misuse system resources by, for example, requesting multiple copies from printers or by playing games in the labs.
  8. You may not transmit or make accessible offensive, annoying, or harassing material, such as broadcasting unsolicited messages or sending unwanted mail.
  9. You may not intentionally access or damage systems or information that is not yours, such as College records, or use any system for illegal activities.


The College seeks to protect the civil, personal, and property rights of those who use its computing resources as well as those whose student or employment records are maintained on its computing systems. Any unlawful attempt to access these resources is a serious offense. Users of the system have no expectation of privacy; the College reserves the right to copy and examine any files or information resident on College systems. Conduct which involves the use of these resources in an inappropriate manner or which violates another's rights may result in revocation of computing usage privileges and is subject to College disciplinary action as outlined in Rockland Community College Policies and Procedures of Conduct, Section I and Section II C. Such conduct may also be subject to criminal or civil legal action.

Please direct your questions and comments to the Information Technology at 845-574-4734.