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RCC Career Skills Academy Graduating Student Spotlight: Dahaire Edwards

Dahaire Edwards was working for a Manhattan-based construction company when he chose to pursue a Certificate in Gas Pipeline Operations through the Career Skills Academy (formerly Middle Skills Academy) at Rockland Community College.

“I was looking to improve my certification and get an advantage and leverage in my field,” said Edwards.

In his classes, Edwards was introduced to leak detection pipe inspection, gas indicator reading, skills in pipe fitting, reading pipeline drawings, inspection of pressure gauges, installing meters and regulator, and safety techniques.

“This is stuff the regular person wouldn't have noticed or known,” said Edwards. “It was a very informative course.”

Through the program, Edwards and his fellow classmates were required to take the NGA (Northeast Gas Association Exam), which qualified him for a new job working for an environmental construction company, in Stony Point, NY, that the Career Skills Academy connected him with. Through this connection, Edwards has received a pay increase and shortened his commute.

In the future, he hopes to work for Con Edison or a similar energy company doing entry-level repair work, and continue his education though similar certification courses to progress in his career.

“The environment was fun,” said Dahaire. “It was a tight-knit group and we became family.”

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