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Honors Interview Application

Sam Draper Honors Interview Requirements

Please send your transcript and two letters of recommendation directly to the Honors Office.

We welcome all applicants; however, we cannot promise admissions to everyone. Since we have limited space, we invite prospective students to apply for an interview based on SAT scores of 1700 or an ACT score of 24 or higher, or a high school average of 88 or higher. If you don't meet any of these criteria, you may still apply for an interview if you have extenuating circumstances or outstanding aptitude.

Once the applications are processed (be sure to include the requested data about SAT or ACT scores and high school GPA), Carol Coiro or another honors mentor will contact you. If you have not heard from the Honors Program in two to four weeks, please call 845-574-4796, or email  At that time, an assessment of your status will be determined and you will be contacted regarding your interview.

You must officially apply through RCC Admissions to participate in the honors program. After you have completed this first process with RCC Admissions, you will receive notification about the dates and times you will be required to take the RCC placement exams in English and Math, or, you will document that you are exempt from these exams. You must place into Math and English 101 or higher for this program.


Further Instructions for Prospective Sam Draper Honors Students


Complete an application for admission to RCC either online, or through Admissions, telephone 845-574-4796.


Complete the Sam Draper Honors Program Application for Interview form online.

High School Students

  1. An unofficial copy of your high school transcript;
  2. Two letters of recommendation from teachers and/or counselors who know you or your work, sent directly from your school to the Sam Draper Honors Program, Rockland Community College.

This information may be scanned and emailed to:

All other students: please call the Sam Draper Honors office for application information at 845-574-4796.

A few days after your interview, the interviewer will send his/her recommendation to Dr. Lynch, who, in turn, will write to you regarding a decision based on the understanding that you pass your Placement Exams.

All students, including honors students, are required to take the English and Math Placement Tests, which are given several times a month, both day and evening and also Saturday mornings, during the entire year. The test schedule can be found online at

Sam Draper Honors students must receive a recommendation for English 101 and Math 101 or higher on their English and Math placement exams.

Once you have received your English and Math Placements, please contact us to schedule your classes for the upcoming semester. If you have any further questions, call Sam Draper Honors at 845-574-4796.


Apply for Honors Interview

Honors Interview Application