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Spring 2020 Flex Start Courses

Flexible Starts at RCC

You can earn your degree at Rockland Community College with a schedule that works best for your life. The select courses available include online and evening classes. The full list of seven-week courses is below.

During the Spring semester, the seven-week courses run from January 27 - March 19 and March 30 - May 18.

Current Students

To register for upcoming Flex Start courses, current students should contact their Advisor or Student Success at 845-574-4443 or You can be advised in-person or online. Once advised, students can register through Records & Registration in-person, via fax (845-574-4499) or email

Download the Advisement/Registration Form.

New Students

If you have not applied to RCC, you are still eligible to register for Flex Start courses as a non-matriculated student. New students will need to complete the Student Data Sheet and then can register through Records & Registration in-person, via fax (845-574-4499) or email


Flex 1: January 27 - March 19
Course # Course Day(s) Time
BUS*260*FT1S Ethics in Business
Online Online
CFS*162*FT1S Shakespeare on Screen
CFS*202*FT1S Genre: The Musical
Online Online
COM*120*FT1S Mass Media in a Pluralistic Society Online Online
CRJ*102*FT1S Introduction to Policing Online Online
CRJ*104*FT71 Introduction to Corrections
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9:15 pm
ECO*201*FT1S Microeconomics Online Online
EDU*145*FT71 Intro to Teaching in a Diverse Society
Pre-K - Grade 6
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
EHP*126*FT1S Introduction to Fitness Online Online
ENG*101*FT71 College Writing I Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 8:40 pm
ENG*102*FT1S College Writing II Online Online
ENG*102*FT71 College Writing II Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 8:40 pm
HIS*101*FT1 Western Civilization Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 - 4:10 pm
HIS*101*FT71 Western Civilization Tuesday/Thursday 7 - 9:40 pm
HIS*202*FT71 American History II Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 8:40 pm
HLT*118*FT1 AHA CPR for Healthcare Provider
Wednesday 4 - 5:50 pm
HON*101*FT1 Intro Sam Draper Honors Program Monday 1 - 2:50 pm
MCS*101*FT1 Intro to Multicultural Studies Monday/Wednesday 1 - 3:55 pm
MCS*101*FT71 Intro to Multicultural Studies Tuesday/Thursday 4 - 6:40 pm
MKT*201*FT1S Principles of Marketing Online Online
PER*109*FT1S Theater Appreciation Online Online
PER*161*FT70 Shakespeare on Stage Tuesday/Thursday 7 - 9:40 pm
PHL*260*FT1S Ethics in Business Online Online
POL*250*F1CS Comparative Govt Online Online
PSY*103*FT71 General Psychology Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 8:40 pm
PSY*222*FT1 Abnormal Psychology Monday/Wednesday 3 - 5:40 pm
SPE*101*FT71 Fundamentals of Speech Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
Flex 2: March 30 - May 18
Course # Course Name Day(s) Time
BIO*150*FH72 Human Sexuality Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
CFS*201*FT2S Film Genre: Sports Online Online
COM*101*FT2S Hist Broadcast/Digital Media Online Online
CRJ*102*FT2 Introduction to Policing Monday/Wednesday 2 - 5:15 pm
CRJ*104*FT2S Introduction to Corrections Online Online
CRJ*226*FT2S Multicultural Law Enforcement Online Online
ECO*202*FT2S Macroeconomics Online Online
EDU*149*FT72 Infant & Toddler Development Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
EHP*107*FT2S Cardio Fit Online Online
EHP*117*FT72 Weight Training Monday/Wednesday 5 - 6:50 pm
EHP*126*FT21S Intro to Fitness Online Online
EHP*133*FT2 Volleyball Tuesday/Thursday 10 - 11:50 am
EHP*134*FT21 Basketball Monday/Wednesday 8 - 9:50 am
ELT*108*MA2S Applied Mathematics Thursday 3 - 5:30 pm
ENG*101*FT2S College Writing I Online Online
ENG*101*FT72 College Writing I Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 8:40 pm
ENG*102*FT72 College Writing II Tuesday/Thursday 7 - 9:40 pm
HIS*102*FT72 Western Civilization Monday/Wednesday 6 - 8:40 pm
INT*201*FT2S Principles of International Business Online Online
MAT*065*FT72 Math Skills Monday/Wednesday 6 - 9:30 pm
MAT*134*FT72 College Algebra Tuesday/Thursday 5 - 8:30 pm
MCS*101*FT72 Intro to Multicultural Studies Monday/Wednesday 6 - 8:40 pm
MCS*226*FT2S Multicultural Law Enforcement Online Online
PER*110*FT2S Introduction to Performing Arts Online Online
PER*176*FT72 Stage Combat: Smallsword Tuesday/Thursday 7 - 9:40 PM
POL*201*F2CS International Relations Online Online
PSY*203*FT2 Developmental Psychology Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 - 4:10 pm
PSY*203*FT72 Developmental Psychology Monday/Wednesday 6 - 8:40 pm
SOC*100*FT2 Introduction to Sociology Monday/Wednesday 1 - 3:40 pm
SOC*100*FT21 Introduction to Sociology Monday/Wednesday 2 - 4:40 pm
SPE*101*FT72 Fundamentals of Speech Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm