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Fall 2019 Flex Start Courses

Flexible Starts at RCC

Registration for Flex Start 2 is currently open for all students, the last day to register is November 4, 2019 and the full registration schedule can be viewed here.

Current Students

To register for upcoming Flex Start courses, current students should contact their Advisor or Student Success at 845-574-4443 or You can be advised in-person or online. Once advised, students can register through Records & Registration in-person, via fax (845-574-4499) or email

Download the Advisement/Registration Form.

New Students

If you have not applied to RCC, you are still eligible to register for Flex Start courses as a non-matriculated student. New students will need to complete the Student Data Sheet and then can register through Records & Registration in-person, via fax (845-574-4499) or email

*New Students who applied for the Fall 2019 semester prior to September 9, 2019 but did not register for any fall courses can register for Flex Start 2 courses and be considered a matriculated student, which means you can also apply for financial aid for the courses. If you applied for the Fall 2019 semester but did not attend, contact Admissions at 845-574-4224 or to start the process of registering for Flex Start 2.


November 4 - December 22
Course # Course Name Day(s) Time
BIO*103*FT72 Introduction to the Human Body
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
CFS*150*FT2S Introduction to Film Genres Online Online
CHM*105*FT72 Principles of  General & Biological Chemistry
Monday/Wednesday 6 - 9:15 pm
COM*120*FT2S Mass Communication in a Pluralistic Society
Online Online
CRJ*203*FT2S Criminal Investigation Online Online
CSP*101*FT72 Computer Concepts and Application
Monday/Wednesday 6 - 9 pm
ECO*202*FT2S Macroeconomics Online Online
EDU*149*FT72 Infant & Toddler Development
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
EHP*107*FT2S Cardio Fit Online Online
EHP*110*FT2S Walk to Fitness Online Online
EHP*112*FT72 Functional Cross Training
Monday/Wednesday 5 - 6:50 pm
EHP*126*FT2S Introduction to Fitness and Wellness
Online Online
ENG*101*FT72 College Writing I
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
ENG*102*FT2S College Writing II
Online Online
ENG*102*FT72 College Writing II
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
HIS*101*FT72 Western Civilization I
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
HLT*118*FT72 AHA Basic Life Support CPR  for the Healthcare Provider
Wednesday 4 - 5:50 pm
INT*201*FT2S International Business
Online Online
KSH*108*FT2 Kosher Baking I Monday/Wednesday M: 9 am - 3 pm
W: 9 am - 1 pm
MAT*065*FT72 Mathematics Skills Monday/Wednesday 5 - 9:15 pm
MAT*101*FT72 Elementary Algebra Tuesday/Thursday 5 - 8:45 pm
MAT*103*FT72 Contemporary Mathematics Tuesday/Thursday 5 - 8:45 pm
MCS*101*FT72 Introduction to Multicultural Studies
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
MCS*120*FT2S Multiculturalism Music in America
Online Online
MUS*120*FT2S Multiculturalism Music in America
Online Online
PER*109*FT2S Theater Appreciation Online Online
PER*226*FT72 Theatrical Stage Combat: Knife
Tuesday/Thursday 7 - 9:40 pm
PSY*103*FT72 General Psychology Monday/Wednesday 6 - 9:15 pm
PSY*203*FT72 Developmental Psychology Monday/Wednesday 6 - 9:15 pm
SCI*101*FT72 Physical Science Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm
SPE*101*FT72 Fundamentals of Speech
Tuesday/Thursday 6 - 9 pm