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Is Online Learning for you?

Types of Online Courses

Online Courses

Students registered in online courses can access them anytime and anywhere through the internet. Using the ANGEL Learning Course Management System (CMS), students log in to access their courses, interact with their instructors, take tests, write papers, complete assignments and participate in discussions. Online courses have the same quality as on-campus courses and are semester bound (completed within the semester). Online courses are identified with an “S” at the end of the section number (e.g., ART 118-001S).

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid is a combination of online and on-campus meetings. Courses meet in the classroom one day a week and then meet another day online. Hybrid courses are taught using the ANGEL Learning CMS. Hybrid courses are identified with an “M” at the beginning of the section number and an “S” at the end of the section number (e.g., CSP 100-M01S). Hybrid courses are semester bound.

Directions for Online & Hybrid Course Listings

Flex Courses

A select number of eLearning courses have a flexible enrollment policy. Students can register for these courses any time during the first 12 weeks of the semester and complete the course within 15 weeks of registration. Some courses use the ANGEL Learning CMS to access the course content. Flex courses are identified with a "D" at the end of the section number (e.g., MAT*101*011D).

Online (distance) Learning Self-Assessment

Online (distance) learning courses can be exciting, challenging, enriching and convenient, but they are not for everyone.  Take our online (distance) learning self-assessment to see if online learning is the right fit for you!

Is online learning for me?


Go ahead…register for one of our courses today!

You can register for an eLearning course the same way you register for your regular courses at RCC. All admissions, assessment and placement, and registration policies are the same. Tuition is the same and financial aid can be applied, but there are additional technology fees for eLearning courses. When registering, eLearning courses are identified by the letter at the end of the course and section number.


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