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Online (distance) Learning Self-Assessment

Online (distance) Learning Self-Assessment


Online (distance) learning courses can be exciting, challenging, enriching and convenient, but they are not for everyone. They should not be considered an easy way to earn credits. Certain characteristics will increase your chance for success and enhance your enjoyment of online (distance) classes.

Answer the 10 questions below to help you determine if online (distance) learning is right for you. Click here for a printable version of the online learning assessment.


1. Is being a part of a class in a face-to-face format important to you?

  1. Not particularly important to me (3 pts)
  2. Somewhat important to me (2 pts)
  3. Very important to me (1 pt)


2. How would you classify your work habits?

  1. good organizational skills and often complete assignments ahead of time (3 pts)
  2. have weak organizational skills, needs reminding about assignments, and often procrastinates (2 pts)
  3. have poor organizational skills and sometimes forgets to complete assignments (1 pt)


3. How important is classroom face-to-face discussion to you?

  1. not particularly important to me (3 pts)
  2. somewhat important to me (2 pts)
  3. very important to me (1 pt)


4. How dependent are you on directions and explanations provided by your instructor in a face-to-face class?

  1. I prefer figuring out the directions myself (3 pts)
  2. I prefer trying to follow the directions on my own, then asking for help as needed (2 pts)
  3. I prefer having the instructions explained to me (1 pt)


5. Do you need immediate feedback to assess your own progress?

  1. I feel as if I can keep tabs on my progress, even without immediate or frequent feedback (3 pts)
  2. I prefer to receive regular feedback, but it need not be immediate (2 pts)
  3. I need feedback immediately and often (1 pt)


6. Are you comfortable with computers, e-mail, and other Internet technologies?

  1. I look forward to learning new skills (3 pts)
  2. I feel apprehensive, but try anyway (2 pts)
  3. I put it off or try to avoid it (1 pt)


7. What is your predominant learning style?

  1. visual - I learn best when I can read the course materials or view graphics (3 pts)
  2. auditory - I learn best when I can listen to an explanation of a concept (2 pts)
  3. tactile - I learn best by "doing" (for instance conducting an experiment) (1 pt)


8. My reading and writing skills are:

  1. excellent; I understand most of what I read and can express myself clearly (3 pts)
  2. average; I sometimes need help understanding what I have read or clearly (2 pts)
  3. poor; I often have difficulty understanding written material or clearly (1 pt)


9. How much time do you have to work on an eLearning course?

  1. 7-9 hours per week (3 pts)
  2. 4-6 hours per week (2 pts)
  3. 1-3 hours per week (1 pt)


10. Do you have access to necessary equipment (ex. computer, etc.)?

  1. I have Internet access and a computer at home. (3 pts)
  2. I have convenient access to appropriate equipment (ex. computer lab, library, etc.) (2 pts)
  3. I have no access to the appropriate equipment (1 pt)


Calculate Your Score:

(Total # of A's x 3) + (Total # of B's x 2) + (Total # of C's x 1) = _____pts.


Total score between 21-30:

Distance learning is a suitable option for you.

Total score between 15 and 20:

Distance learning may be a possibility for you. Look over your responses to questions 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8. If you answered A to at least three of these questions, you may succeed in a distance class.

Total score of 14 or below:

Distance learning may not be the best option for you.

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