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Computer Information Systems/Computer Support

Computer Information Systems/Computer Support

STEM and Health Professions

Why Study Computer Information Systems/Computer Support?

The Certificate in Computer Information Systems/Computer Support is for those students who already have a degree, but would like to change careers or for those interested in updating their skills.

Occupational Objectives:

The Certificate in Computer Information Systems/Computer Support provides students with the basic courses required for careers as entry-level programmers or help desk positions.

Sample Courses:

  • Intro to Programming/Visual Basic I
  • Computer Programming I/Java
  • Principles of Operating System
  • Database Design
  • System Analysis
  • PC Maintenance


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Program Goals:

The program will provide students with an interdisciplinary education that will attract, motivate and prepare them to meet the technological challenges in today’s society. Students will enhance their personal and professional development and be provided with an appreciation and working knowledge of computer programming.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a variety of skills that enhance their computer programming skills and knowledge
  • Integrate elements of computer programming and mathematics in the solutions of computer programming problems
  • Develop critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills
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