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Program Expectations

Program Expectations

Do You Have What It Takes?


  1. The study of occupational therapy is academically demanding and much detail must be learned, retained and then applied to new situations.
  2. There is an emphasis on accurate writing that is required in occupational therapy courses, fieldwork and clinical practice.
  3. Accurate, comprehensible English verbal skills are also required.
  4. There are many interpersonal demands on you, including team participation understanding group process, and non-verbal communication. You are expected to be sensitive and respectful of others, and to be able to meet the needs of others before meeting you own needs. You are also expected to be culturally respectful and aware.
  5. All OTA concentration courses (excluding Level II Fieldwork) must be completed within 8 semesters. Level II fieldwork must be completed within 18 months following completion of academic coursework.
  6. All clinical fieldwork requires you to act in a professional way that is taught and modeled in the classroom. You are required to provide your own transportation to all fieldwork. Travel is required.
  7. Level II fieldwork requires a full time commitment of at least 16-20 weeks unpaid after all course work is completed.
  8. The national certification examination, a 200 item multiple choice test, is the final hurdle in OT study. It is given on-line and on-demand after you complete your Level II fieldwork and graduate.
  9. If you have a felony conviction, it may keep you from practicing occupational therapy. It is recommended that you call the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, 301-990-7979 to discuss the nature of your conviction.
  10. Professional behavior is expected in all aspects of the program, including written communication with instructors as well as verbal interactions in classroom dialogues.
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