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Background Check & Drug Screening

All accepted nursing students must have completed a background check before the first day of the academic semester they are beginning their first Nursing Process course. Students attending certain clinical locations are required to complete a drug screening before the first day of the academic semester they attend these clinical sites. Further information will be distributed at New Nursing Student Orientation.

The cost of the background check and/or drug screening is the student's responsibility. Information on how to complete the process can be found below. The background check and drug screening are conducted by an external vendor and the report is sent to Records and Registration. If a red flag should occur on a student's report, the student will be contacted by the Nursing Chair. Please note that the Nursing Chair will evaluate the information and, in their sole discretion, make the final determination as to the student’s ability to start a Nursing Process clinical course.

Past history may have an impact upon the ability to obtain licensure and employment as a Registered Nurse.

Applicants seeking information on how a felony or misdemeanor conviction may affect their ability to be licensed, should contact the New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions. 518-474-3817

To begin the background check, and to obtain your results, please go to

For more information please refer to the
Applicant Management System (AMS) Student Guide or call 1-800-200-0853.

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