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SPE 223

Diversity in American Speech and Language (cross-listed with PDA 223)


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Diversity in American Speech and Language (cross-listed with PDA 223)


This course is a general introduction to pluralism and diversity in American speech communication. We don't always communicate in the same way. Our accents, word choice and communication strategies are often influenced by factors such as our racial, religious, ethnic, sexual and religious identities. As a result, people in the U.S. speak many varieties of English (and other languages). This course will examine a number of culturally distinct "speech communities" and unpack the cultural logic of their speech. This course will also examine the politics and practicality of imposing a standard form of English in the United States.


  • Prerequisite: None
  • Hours: 3
  • Credits: 3


No speeches are required in this course.


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