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SOC 105

Computers in Society (cross-listed with CSP 105)


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SOC 105 Computers in Society

(cross-listed with CSP 105)


An introductory hands-on course for students interested in gaining a general understanding of the computer and its effect on society, computer hardware, software and related terminology. The laboratory component of this course introduces the use of Microsoft Word and the Internet in a Windows environment. Students employ the different qualitative and quantitative research methods social scientists use to explore social phenomena from the sociological point of view. Students also examine the role and impact of the computer on vocabulary, health, science and medicine, business and industry, education and recreation. They also explore concerns such as: computer crime, privacy, security and ethics.


  • Gen Ed: Social Science
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Hours: 3
  • Credits: 3


May be used as a substitute for OFT 101 - Information Technology Concepts for Office Technologies Students. (This course may not be used as a substitute for CSP 101 – Introduction to Computers).


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