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PSY 224

Psychology of Addictive Behavior

PSY 224  Psychology of Addictive Behavior


This course will introduce the full range of human addictions.  A conceptualization of the addiction process across substances, activities, and relationships will be explored.  Students will have an in-depth look at chemical (drug and alcohol), as well as behavioral addictions.  Some of the behavioral addictions will include: compulsive gambling, obsessive Internet viewing, co-dependent relationships, sexual obsessions, and eating disorders.  In addition, the co-occurrence of other psychological disorders (Dual Diagnosis), family risk and resiliencies, issues of race, class, and gender, and public policies related to addiction will be discussed.  Models of treatment will include: Abstinence, Harm Reduction, Psychotherapy, Cognitive/Behavioral, and Psychopharmacology, Etiology, symptoms, treatment, recovery, and prevention will be the focus of this course.


  • Gen Ed: Social Science
  • Prerequisite: PSY 103
  • Hours: 3
  • Credits: 3