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LSK 203

Life, Career and Educational Planning


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LSK 099
LSK 102
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LSK 203
LSK 217
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LSK 225

LSK 203 Life, Career and Educational Planning


This seminar provides participants with the skills for effective career and educational planning. Students explore personal interests, abilities, values, career options and opportunities, learning styles and life stage issues to identify specific opportunities and goals and to develop concrete plans for achieving them. Life cycle, ego, moral and ethical development theory are integrated into the course to promote better self-understanding and more effective decision making. Students will also examine different methods of studying and note taking, as well as time management techniques. A final paper and an end project are required for this course. Throughout the semester, students will also meet with their instructors individually to foster a mentoring relationship.


  • Prerequisite: Students must be in ENG 095 and/or ENG 096
  • Hours: 3
  • Credits: 3


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