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LSK 099

College and Career Planning


LSK 084
LSK 099
LSK 102
LSK 103
LSK 105
LSK 202
LSK 203
LSK 217
LSK 223
LSK 225

LSK 099 College and Career Planning


Students will assess interest, abilities and work values and attitudes through structured activities. Through observation and discussion with a supportive mentor the student will clarify personal goals, explore job areas, understand job responsibilities and the contemporary work environment. They will have opportunities to "job shadow," a process which offers firsthand linkage with the realities of the 1990’s workplace and their own access into it. This course will add to and enrich the exploration development and career initiated in LSK 203.


  • Prerequisite: ENG 101, LSK 203 and LSK 105
  • Hours: 1
  • Credits: 1


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