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EHP 110

Walk to Fitness


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EHP 110 Walk to Fitness


This course provides an experience for a creative approach to fitness by combining knowledge gained from readings, evaluation of one’s fitness level and walking style. As part of an ongoing personal fitness program, the student will plan three independent walks at different local parks. This course will assist students whose schedules require flextime. The class will meet for twenty regular workouts for 10 weeks on the Rockland Community College campus. Students will have the opportunity to work out for one hour and fifteen minutes during the regularly scheduled Monday and Wednesday afternoon class or Tuesday and Thursday morning class. A short final paper is due at the end of the semester reflecting your experience in this course, reviewing your fitness achievements and outlining an effective maintenance-walking program including your three walks in local parks.


  • Prerequisite: None
  • Hours: 2
  • Credits: 1


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