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ESL 811

Computer Assisted Instruction

as a

ESL 045
ESL 046
ESL 055
ESL 060
ESL 095
ESL 096
ESL 810
ESL 811
ESL 820

ESL 811 Computer Assisted Instruction


One-hour, one credit-equivalent to be taken concurrently with ESL 046. ESL Computer Assisted Instruction, ESL 811, is taken while students are simultaneously enrolled in ESL 046. This course is led by a Master Instructor with support of a Teaching Assistant. The goals and objectives of this course parallel those of the corresponding ESL level. The exercises, lessons and drills are designed to supplement and reinforce those skills taught in the ESL classroom. This level focuses heavily on further development of grammar/structure, reading and writing skills.


  • Prerequisite: None
  • Hours: 1
  • Credits: 0


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