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ESL 096

Reading Module

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ESL 096
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ESL 096 Reading Module


This advanced ESL reading course builds on the academic reading and test-taking skills required by students to succeed in English Composition I and mainstream academic courses. By using college level materials of a culturally relevant nature, students acquire background knowledge and information, increase academic vocabulary, and learn exam-taking strategies. The readings cover the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences. Students will expand their thinking skills regarding inference, interpretation, evaluation, analysis, synthesis, and application. Reading skills include vocabulary enrichment, identifying main ideas and supporting details, summarizing, and identifying a writer's purpose and tone. Reading as a process is explained, and students are taught to employ effective self-monitoring strategies.


  • Prerequisite: None
  • Hours: 4
  • Credits: 0


Admission to this course is based on the placement test scores or reassessment test scores.


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