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CSP 283

Computer Studies Internship/Online Classroom


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CSP 283 Computer Studies Internship/Online Classroom


Students in this course are placed in a computer studies internship position appropriate to their career goals and interest for a specified training program. It is expected that students will spend 35 hours at the internship site and participate throughout the semester in a virtual classroom environment. Varied assignments in the specific professional setting provide work experience and training under the combined guidance of a professional on-site supervisor and a computer studies faculty member. In addition, the virtual classroom format will allow students to conference with the instructor and their classmates. The communication and collaboration opportunities available through the virtual classroom will allow students to share invaluable insights into the rigors of a professional work environment.


  • Prerequisite: One or more computer courses or Permission of the Discipline Coordinator
  • Hours: 3
  • Credits: 3


This course will be required for the Computer Support degree (A.A.S.) and may be used to satisfy an elective in the A.S. degree in Computer Information Systems and any of the computer studies certificates.



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