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CSP 104

Computers in Education


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CSP 104 Computers in Education


An introductory hands-on course for potential and practicing educators interested in developing a general understanding and basic competency in utilizing computer hardware, software, and their related terminology. Initially the laboratory component of this course introduces the use of Microsoft WORD and the Internet in a Windows environment. In addition, educational applications of Microsoft Office will be examined to include: creating and editing Word documents; designing PowerPoint displays, and using the Excel program to create worksheets and embedded charts. Special emphasis will be placed on developing the technology skills which will prepare students to succeed in a digital society. It is intended that the required project related reinforcement assignments will assist students in integrating technology into their classroom curriculum plans. Such topics as developmentally appropriate software, research topics, email communication, plagiarism, privacy, and professional ethics will also be explored.


  • Prerequisite: Permission of the Early Childhood Education Discipline Coordinator
  • Hours: 3
  • Credits: 3


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