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CHM 102 H

Inorganic Chemistry II Honors


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CHM 102 H
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CHM 102 H Inorganic Chemistry II Honors


Inorganic Chemistry II (CHM 102 (H)) is a continuation of the introductory Inorganic Chemistry I Honors course (CHM 101 (H)). The content includes rigorous studies and numerical analyses of liquids and solids, properties of solutions, equilibria in gaseous and liquid phases, chemical kinetics, acid-base theory, thermodynamics, oxidation and reduction, electrochemistry and coordination chemistry. Heavy emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. The selection of laboratory experiments is designed to reinforce theoretical concepts and principles introduced in lectures with a highlight on mathematical interpretation and qualification of collected data.


  • Prerequisite: CHM 101 H or CHM 101 by advisement
  • Hours: 6
  • Credits: 4


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