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Petition to Retest English and/or Mathematics 
You may petition to retest the English and/or Math Placement Tests if you are not satisfied with your placement results.
How to file:
To request a retest, click on Petition to Retest form link at the bottom of the page. Print and complete the petition form. The petition form along with the supporting documentation can be mailed, faxed, or submitted in person to our office.
Documentation can be one or more of the following:
  • An official high school transcript in a sealed envelope.
  • An official college transcript in a sealed envelope.
  • High school or college transcript faxed directly to our office at (845) 574-4397.  


The petition along with the documentation will then be forwarded to the appropriate academic discipline for review. You will receive notification by mail regarding the outcome of your appeal(s).  Please allow several days for this process.

When to submit:
  • No later than the first day of classes for Spring and/or Fall semester.


Petitions that have been granted:

  • If you are granted a retest in a given semester, you must retest before the start of classes for that semester.  
  • You are encouraged to do some review before retesting.

  • When granted permission to retest on the essay portion, a pen and paper essay retest will be administered.
Please note: Once you have begun any course in English and/or math, you cannot use the retest option to attempt to change your course(s).
The completed form and documentation(s) can be returned in person or by mail to:
Rockland Community College
Placement and Assessment
Technology Center, Third floor, Suite 8340, Room 8342
145 College Road
Suffern, NY 10901

Students applying for the RCC High School Program:

Please click on the RCC High School Program Petition to Retest Form link below.  Print and complete the petition form. The petition form along with the supporting documentation must be submitted to Admissions.


You may obtain further information about the appeal procedure by calling our office at (845) 574-4525 or 574-4288.


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