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Will My Credits Transfer?


This is probably the most commonly asked question by students who are planning to transfer to a four-year school. It is important to note that transferring a Liberal Arts degree generally insures a smooth transition to most four-year schools. However, there is no automatic and complete guarantee of the acceptance of credits.

While an A.A. or A.S. degree is commonly accepted, it may not complete all of the requirements for a specific program or major. For example, a student entering a four-year engineering program may require much higher levels of math and physics than was required for their two-year degree. The four-year school may accept pre-calculus, but may apply that credit towards a general elective requirement, leaving the actual math requirement incomplete for junior status.

There may be severe limits on how credit is applied - or not applied toward a specific major. Research is the key to an effective transfer process. Otherwise, students may find themselves needing an extra semester of coursework in order to enter into the major of their choice as a junior or spending an extra semester at the end of senior year at the four-year college.
If you are planning to transfer.... begin early! Use the transfer resources available in the Student Development Center, third floor of the Fieldhouse. Once you have decided on a school or schools, examine graduation requirements and the general education requirements for those particular schools. Many students do not understand that each and every individual school has their own set of requirements. Ultimately, it is the students responsibility to ensure they are taking courses that will transfer. Students should be in contact with the admissions offices of their transfer school choices. Many schools have admissions counselors who work primarily with transfer students. You must make sure your transcript is evaluated by an admissions person who can tell you which classes will transfer to their institution as electives, which classes will transfer into your major and give you some idea of which classes to take here.

Transfer can be a daunting task, however, if you begin early and prepare carefully, you can ensure a smooth transition!

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