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The Student Union


The Student Union is the hub of extracurricular student activity. Located between the Library and the Cultural Arts Center, it houses the Office of Student Involvement, the Volunteer Service Program, Prevention Resource Center and Religious Life Office. Sooner or later, you will walk through the Student Union for a shortcut or to meet with the Student Government Association, Student Activities Board, the Outlook student newspaper staff or other student clubs. Or you may choose to stop in and play some pool in the Game Room, or check out one of the visiting vendors.


Game Room

Through student activities fees, the Student Government Association, along with the College Administration maintains a game room for the enjoyment of SUNY Rockland students. The Game Room is located on the second floor of the Student Union, Room 3208 and is open from Monday through Friday from 10 am - 2 pm while classes are in session. SUNY Rockland Student ID's must be presented to the Game Room Supervisor prior to entrance.


Vending Machines

Soda, juice and snack machines allow students to grab some nourishment between classes and activities. They are located on the first floor of the Student Union, Fieldhouse, Cultural Arts Center, Brucker Hall basement, and Academic I.


Visiting Vendor Program

As you stroll through the Student Union, you will come upon a beautiful display of merchandise supplied by our visiting vendors. Sterling silver, scented candles, sportswear and dresses are just some of the items on sale through the vendor program. Why not stop by and reward yourself or pick up a gift for a friend! All proceeds from the Vendor Program support the Student Government Campus Improvement Projects. Please stop by the Office of Student Involvement for more information.

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