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College-wide Assessment Committee


The Rockland Community College Assessment Committee (CWAC) is responsible for assessment across the college. CWAC oversees the RCC Institutional Effectiveness processes and procedures including assessment-related activities, and/or other assessment initiatives. Its scope encompasses all courses, academic programs and departments, non-academic departments, co-curricular programs, general education assessments, Haverstraw location, RCC High School Program, Hudson Valley Educational Consortium and coordinates assessment for student learning and institutional effectiveness at Rockland Community College.

The members of CWAC provide leadership in establishing a culture of assessment across the campus and recommend assessment procedures and practices to campus governing bodies.


Nancy Koester - 574-4571


Cliff Ader

Madelene Aponte

Sue Deer

Kathy Hopkins

Michael Kluger

Katie Lynch

Eric Magaram

Jim Robertson

Martha Rottman

Kimberly Weston