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How did the TRACS program come about?

The ideas behind the TRACS program come from the life achievements and works of Professor Edmund W. Gordon, acclaimed author, scholar, and developmental psychologists. In particular his ideas around Supplementary Education, on which he wrote a book. From his research he has determined a positive relationship between the kinds of supports for academic development that children experience in their homes and communities, and their school achievement.


Why do you believe it is so important to have such a place in the community?

Research studies show that low income and families of color tend not to make this connection. TRACS is being created to assist and better enable these families to understand the relationship between out of school learning and school achievement and to open such opportunities for their children.


What do you hope those members of the community who utilize the TRACS program will take away from it?

We hope that they will take away knowledge of how they can help the schools help their children to learn. We hope that they will take away a better understanding of the ways in which learning art home and in the community influences academic achievement. We hope that they will learn that academic ability is not simply inherited, but can be improved by things that families can do, such as: reading and talking with your children.

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