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Cultural Arts Theater


Cultural Arts Theater

Scheduling & Rental Information

Rockland Community College reserves the right to deny applications or cancel reservations for Theater use where it is determined that the requirements exceed the technical or space capabilities of the facility. Applications may also be denied or a reservation canceled should the College determine event poses an unacceptable security risk. It shall be the responsibility of the producers of an event to consult with the Theater Director to determine feasibility.

The following information is provided to assist you in securing the facility. It also outlines the costs, requirements and restrictions. It is suggested that you read the section first and discuss any questions with the Director of the Theater.


Applications and Approvals:

The Cultural Arts Theater is scheduled for use most days of the year. It is strongly recommended that you submit the application as soon as you determine the date for your event. College and non-College entities will need to completely fill out the Use of Theater Form with appropriate attachments. Applications with missing information will not be approved. Permission is not granted until the application is approved by the Director of the Theater and the Vice President for Finance and Administration.


Minimal Number of Attendees:

Any event that does not expect a minimum of 100 attendees, may be rescheduled or relocated to a more appropriate site within the College at the discretion of the Theater Director.


Staging Personnel Requirements:

Technical and crew requirements should be determined in consultation with the Theater Director at least 30 days prior to the event.


Theater Director:

Rental of the Theater includes the services of the Theater Director or his designee to supervise activities. The responsibilities of this individual are limited to supervision of the Theater staff and to insure compliance of all Theater and College policies. The Director is not part of the technical crew working the event and may not be present 100% of the time. If this individual's services are required as part of the crew, then that time will be billed at the same rate as the technical crew.

The Theater Director's decision shall be final concerning matters pertaining to the appropriate use of the Theater including, but not limited to, use of equipment, safety related issues, schedule for opening the Theater to the public and seating procedures.


*Schedule of Theater Fees

Non-profit organizations: $1000.00 per day , $600.00 per half day

Non- Profit organizations may apply for a waiver of fees under certain conditions. However, there are no waivers for payments of other services or insurance.

Commercial organizations: $1350.00 per day , $1000.00 per half day

Half/day rental is defined as any continuous period of six hours or less between 8:00am and 11:00pm. Any time over six hours will be billed as a full day rental.

Full-day rental is defined as any continuous 12-hour period between 8:00am and 11:00pm. Any time over 12 hours or outside that time frame will be billed at the rate of $100.00 per hour or any portion of an hour.

Splitting the day (for billing purposes) is not permitted. For billing purposes, the renter shall be considered in possession of the Theater from the time load-in commences through completion of load-out.

During the summer months an additional air conditioning charge may be incurred for use of the Theater on Saturday or Sunday when the facility would otherwise not be in use.

*Prices subject to change


Use of Piano

* Concert Grand Piano - $60.00 per performance.
* Upright Piano - $40.00 per performance.
* No charge will be made for the use of pianos during rehearsals.

A College approved technician must perform piano tuning. Renters are responsible for all charges for tuning.


Use of Orchestra Pit

* Use of orchestra pit requires reserving the Theater for a day before and a day after event to open and close the pit.
* Additional crew costs totaling approximately $270 at the current rate will be required.


Technical Personnel

When the number of technical staff required to stage your event is determined, renters will incur the following charges per-person hired:

* $15.00 per hour base rate
* $22.00 per hour for each hour after 10 hours
* $22.00 per hour after 11pm

Technical Personnel must be paid for a minimum of four (4) continuous hours for any work period. The renter shall be charged for the employment of technical personnel from the time it takes to prepare for your event through the time it takes to restore the facility to the condition prior to your event. There can be no splitting of work time in a given day.

Payment for the Technical Personnel must be made within ten business days following the use of the Theater. Checks (payable to the individual technician) shall be forwarded to the office of the Director of the Theater. The College complies with all NY State labor laws. Renters need to make provision in their schedules for required meals and breaks.

A list of regulations governing the use of the Theater is available on request and will be included with the mailing of the application form when scheduling an event

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